Public Project Deliverables

D1.1 – Overview of Cybersecurity Status in ASEAN and the EU  (04/2018)

D1.1 analyses the EU and ASEAN’s cybersecurity ecosystems status in order to assess the main opportunities for developing new solutions for improving the cybersecurity posture of complex organisations in the ASEAN region. It includes a comprehensive review of cybersecurity regulation framework both at the ASEAN level as well as at Member States level…

D1.2 – ASEAN Cybersecurity Innovation Ecosystem: A Co-creation approach (12/2018)

This report provides a summary of the co-creation workshops implemented in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Thailand (Bangkok) and Vietnam (Hanoi) involving multiple stakeholders, including SMEs and large corporations, government and policy makers, knowledge and R&D organisations and associations and networks of organisations. The co-creation workshops had the objective of creating a cybersecurity innovation ecosystem in ASEAN in view of defining a common vision for the ecosystem. Based on the workshop discussion and findings, initial recommendations for building up of cybersecurity innovation ecosystems in the focus countries are provided.

D2.1 – Data Collection Methodology  (12/2018)

Data collection is a fundamental part of any cybersecurity solution nowadays. Particularly, honeypot-based data collection is considered an important part of any innovation activity in the field. This report presents a methodology for honeypot-based data collection of the project YAKSHA…

D2.3 – Ontology Definition and Interoperability Specifications  (06/2018)

Data Collection aims to specify the needed ontology to store the information in the database and allow the interoperability of the tools so that they can exchange information in a unified way without the need to infer information. This deliverable consists of two parts, this document which analyses the scope and need of this deliverable as well as the ontology which is delivered as Open Source via Github at

Public Project Deliverables