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Studio Alessandro Guarino


Founded in 2000, StudioAG is now a flexible consultancy and advisory firm specialising in Information Security, Digital Forensics, Compliance and Data Analysis. It is based in North-East Italy but with strong connections and outreach in Europe and outside. In advising our clients we adopt a technology-neutral perspective and a vendor-neutral approach.

It has extensive experience working with SMEs, as this is the largely prevalent type of business in Italy, but Public entities make up a significant slice of the client base. Big Data analysis and management is a natural complement to our services, given the explosion in data production we are witnessing, and so is privacy and data protection consultancy, as well as in Standardisation development in the ISO system and ETSI.

Alessandro Guarino
  • Alessandro Guarino

Alessandro Guarino is a Senior advisor on innovation, cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, as well as an independent researcher. He is CEO of StudioAG, a consulting firm based in Italy and active since 2000, serving clients both in the private and public sector. He works as a Digital forensics analyst and consultant, as well as an expert witness in Court. He holds an M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and a B.Sc. in economics, with a focus on Information Security Economics. He is an ISO active expert member in JTC 1/SC 27 (IT Security Techniques committee) and contributed in particular to the development of cybersecurity and digital investigation standards. He currently chairs CEN/CENELEC JTC 8 “Privacy management in products and services” and represents Italy in CEN/CENELEC JTC 13 on cybersecurity. As an independent researcher he had presented at several international conferences in Europe and Asia, including ISSE (Information Security Solutions Europe), since 2013 and NATO CCD COE’s 2013 CyCon, in Tallinn. He is a member of NATO IST 152 Research Task Group on “Autonomous Intelligent Agents for Cyber Defense”. He serves as partner and innovation manager for Horizon 2020 project YAKSHA and is heavily involved with several other proposals in the security and ICT domain.