Cybersecurity Malaysia

Cybersecurity Malaysia (CSM)


The Cabinet Meeting on 28 September 2005, through the Joint Cabinet Notes by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) No. H609/2005 agreed to establish the National ICT Security and Emergency Response Centre (now known as CyberSecurity Malaysia) as a National Body to monitor the National e-Security aspect, spin-off from MIMOS to become a separate agency and incorporated as a Company Limited-by- Guarantee, under the supervision of MOSTI.

The Malaysian Government gazetted the role of CyberSecurity Malaysia by Order of the Ministers of Federal Government Vol.53, No.13, dated 22 June 2009 (revised and gazetted on 26 June 2013 [P.U. (A) 184] by identifying CyberSecurity Malaysia as an agency that provides specialised cybersecurity services and continuously identifies possible areas that may be detrimental to national security and public safety.

As a specialist agency, CyberSecurity Malaysia is also required to support as well as provide technical assistance and training services for national cyber crisis management, as stated in Paragraph 16.1, Order No. 24 of the Dasar dan Mekanisme Pengurusan Krisis Siber Negara (Policy and Mechanism for National Cyber Crisis Management) by the National Security Council.

In essence, the role of CyberSecurity Malaysia is to provide specialised cyber security services contributing immensely towards a bigger national objective in preventing or minimising disruptions to critical information infrastructure in order to protect the public, the economy, and government services. CyberSecurity Malaysia provides on-demand access to a wide variety of resources to maintain in-house security expertise, as well as access to advanced tools and education to assist in proactive or forensic investigations.

CyberSecurity Malaysia provides specialised cyber security services, as follows:

  • Cyber Security Responsive Services
  • Cyber Security Proactive Services
  • CyberSecurity Professional Development and Outreach
  • Strategic Research and Engagement