The final YAKSHA end-user event successfully took place on the 9th of December 2020 with over 70 participants!

The final YAKSHA end-user event successfully took place on the 9th of December 2020 with over 70 participants!

The 4-hour long second and final end-user event successfully took place online on the 9th of December 2020 and attracted over 70 participants.

In this event participants – consisting of ASEAN end-users e.g. SMEs, universities, governmental organisations etc., as well as YAKSHA Ambassadors – had an opportunity to learn about the unique value proposition of the YAKSHA software, its technical aspects, the results of the pilot actions, and participate in interactive discussions on cybersecurity issues in ASEAN and EU.

The webinar – moderated by GAC – started at 2 pm UTC+7 – Thailand time (which translates into 8 am Central European time), with a welcome of the participants and presentation of the YAKSHA project and its main achievements by Douglas Thompson -YAKSHA Project Coordinator, SPI.

This was followed by two exciting keynote speeches: Chalee Vorakulpipat from NSTDA, Thailand presented the ASEAN perspective on cybersecurity issues, perspectives, needs and YAKSHA. Jarno Salonen from VTT, Finland presented the latest trends on resilience and cybersecurity strategy.

The day continued with presentations on the unique value that the YAKSHA software offers, a deep-dive into the technical aspects of the software, and the results of the pilot actions in ASEAN and EU, presented by technical partners of the YAKSHA project – UPRC, MOT and StAG.

This was followed by an interactive discussion with the involvement of audience on the deployment of YAKSHA software in the ASEAN region and the role of Ambassadors, moderated and animated by Svetlana Klessova, Krisztina Dax from GAC, Alessandro Guarino from StAG and Ismamuradi Bin Abdul Kadir from CSM. The discussion aimed to explore the vision of the audience on the exploitation of the YAKSHA software in ASEAN, considering the current landscape and the effect of COVID-19.

Finally, the day finished with a panel discussion moderated by Fabrice Clari from GAC, on alternative use of the YAKSHA software – focusing on exploitation by verticals in three sectors – Public sector, IoT and its implication on various end-users (strategic facilities, hospital, industry) and Critical infrastructures. The three panellists were Dr. Komain Pibulyarojana from ACIOA (Thailand); Dr. S.M Warusia, YAKSHA Ambassador from University Teknikal Melaka (Malaysia) and Alexandros Kostopoulos from OTE (Greece), representative of the YAKSHA pilot action in Greece.

The presentations from the final end-user event can be downloaded by clicking on the links below!