Looking back on the First YAKSHA End-user event

Looking back on the First YAKSHA End-user event

Putrajaya, Malaysia

The YAKSHA First End-user Event has taken place on November 27th-28th, 2019, in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a conference including speeches and panel discussions from key experts in the field of cybersecurity from the ASEAN and Europe, and high-level governmental stakeholders.

The first day, open to any interested stakeholder, attracted more than one hundred participants, coming from Southeast Asia. Participants learnt about the conclusions of several co-creation workshops that had been organised by YAKSHA in September 2018, such as identified needs and gaps in the ASEAN cybersecurity ecosystem, and action paths. Further topics presented were the Cybersecurity landscapes in the EU and in ASEAN. After a networking coffee, the YAKSHA project and the achievements realised so far were presented to the attendees, as well as the purpose and architecture of the YAKSHA platform, including a live demonstration. The day was completed by two panel discussions, addressing Cybersecurity and exploitation related topics, engaging active discussions.

The second day was dedicated to an intense interaction with the YAKSHA Ambassadors, who were given a technical introduction to the YAKSHA platform, explaining the YAKSHA building blocks and providing deeper insight and comprehension of the platform. The Ambassadors learnt how the different parts and functions work together and what their strong points and innovations are. This introduction was then followed by 3-hour long live training session, where the Ambassadors had the opportunity to create a YAKSHA node installation, including creation and installation of some test honeypots, in addition to interaction with the data analysis module on test datasets.

As the YAKSHA Ambassadors are supposed to play a crucial role in the promotion of the YAKSHA software in the ASEAN region, an interactive discussion session was then organised. The project team is aware of the importance to consider the Ambassadors’ opinion and feedback, and to understand the way the Ambassadors are ready to stay involved after the end of the project. In this context, several questions were discussed, and individual questionnaires were handed out to the Ambassadors.

The YAKSHA project team is very satisfied by the success and the outcomes of this First End-user Event, which entirely fulfilled its objectives such as:

  • Enabling potential end-users to get and understanding of the software and have a constructive discussion on the exploitation of YAKSHA;
  • Raising awareness on the YAKSHA project and technology in ASEAN;
  • Contributing to a wider cybersecurity community and ecosystem in ASEAN.

The lessons learnt and outcomes of the discussions taken place during this event shall be taken into account for the future project work, including the organisation of a Second End-user Event. Stay tuned on YAKSHA’s website and social media to keep updated on our other initiatives and events!